The U-scaling

The U-scaling, or urgence scaling, is a way to measure how urgent things are.

This unit was defined in a 10 min long reflexion as the requirement of such a measuring tool reached a U level of 0.99.

There is a physical property to deadlines : as they approache, time warps to let a 1 year project fit in 1 week. I hope this tool will help you get things done and estimate time warps. Deadline time warped waves could affect lifestyles in the best way if handeled with a good measurement unit.

Here is the very first version with some points. The interpolation might get more precise with an implementation.

U-scaling Price
-1 oh wait, it's done, noting to worry
0 can wait next life
0.1 can wait next year
0.2 should be done within a decade
0.3 should be done within a year
0.4 should be done within a semester
0.5 should be done within a month
0.6 should be done within a week
0.7 should be done within a day
0.8 should be done now but is a tiny little bit late
0.9 is required as soon as possible, no deadline extension possible
0.9999 is required now at all cost if not too much
1 is required now at all cost
1.1 go back in time and get it done


Make an API to make dynamic U indicators on my website. As time flows, the U value of a task increases.

But as this is not very urgent... I'll set it to a U value of 0.7, so that I know I can do it tomorrow forever while this is not implemented.