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Films you should watch

animated film Akira (1988) the boy and the world (2013) the thief and the cobbler (the version with unfinished animation) Coraline Rango 5 centimeters per second les triplettes de belleville l'illusioniste la vieille dame et les pigeons Tekkonkinkreet (2006) mind game (2004) spiderman into the multiverse steamboy Ernest et Celestine Klaus animated short thought of you Případ (the case) (2011) getting started watch dogs - legion - tipping point cinematic trailer cyberpunk 2077 - cinematic trailer (2019) Russian Railways - Alexandre Petrov the last belle (2011) la table secret of mana - a 2d animated tribute DONKS - Felix Colgrave Strange Invaders - Cordell Barker Harjutusi iseseisvaks eluks (Some Exercises in Preparation of an Independent Life) - Priit Pärn CODA Don't hug me I'm scared The absence of Eddy Table (2016) I'm Fine thanks (2011) aeon flux 頭山 (mount head) runaway (2009) Isabelle au bois dormant (2007) Kung Fury Jeu (2006) The house of small cubes What is dead may never die Last job on earth Shiny Le mans 1955 RMBK (introuvable) Scargengers Power Hungry The Triangle (1982) - Julia & Victor weird gang project (never released) animated compilations memories trilogy love death and robots animated music clip Stuck In The Sound - Let’s Go Delta - C2C caravane palace - lone digger caravane palace - wonderland siames - mr fear siames - summer nights super ☆ business ☆ dancing ☆ night Dye - Fantasy Concorde - Sons LORN - anvil vladimir cauchemar Leningrad - Kolshik breakbot - another you breakbot - be mine tonight Panda Bear - Boys Latin animated very short Fresh Guacamole (2012) no.7 Rojo split une minute de science svp - le moteur à explosion some stair beyond the sea animated serie Vermine tatami galaxy cowboy bebop space dandy clarence gravity falls rick and morty over the garden wall baman and piderman absurd Swiss army man Airplane ! Team america : world police How they get there (1997) Casablance Driver (2004) Pi (1998) (most WTF thing ever) japanese departures the taste of tea tokyo! tampopo ichi the killer scifi The martian Moon (2009) Gattaca (1997) District 9 timecrimes primer upgrade fantasy le 5ème élément Interstellar brazil great director Quentin Dupieux Wes Anderson Quentin Tarantino Satoshi Kon Edgar Wright the monty python no category Adman - love story told through fake ads warriors of the net citizen kane Singin' in the rain Oldboy Mr Nobody (2009) La cité des enfants perdus (1995) Micmacs (2009) Fatman (2020) Shutter Island (2010) 12 angry men (1957) dr Strangelove Mother (2009) Burn after reading Memento Requiem for a dream Eternal Sunshine of the Spotless Mind (2004) The Wolf of wall street the big short mad max : fury road good bye Lenin Into the woods the book of the mormon warm bodies be kind rewind starship troopers (1997) the rocky horror picture show Drive Napoleon Dynamite Thank you for smoking fight club 12 monkeys

Music !

Nice composers !
(yet very incomplete)

Maurice Ravel
Claude Debussy
Darius Milhaud
Gabriel Fauré
Béla Bartòk
Leopold Godowsky
George Bizet
Camille Saint Saëns
Aaron Copland
Isaac Albéniz
Nikolai Kapustin
Edward Grieg
Eugène Ysaÿe
George Gershwin
Fritz Kreisler
Marc André Hamelin
Percy Grainger
George Antheil
Serguei Prokofiev
Clément Doucet
Paul Dukas
Antonín Dvořák
Ernest Bloch
Bernard Hermann
Pierre Sancan
Mily Balakirev
Marc Chausson
Johannes Brahms
Hector Berlioz
Leonard Bernstein
Friedrich Gulda
Astor Piazolla
Karl Orff
Zoltan Kodaly
Max Bruch
Ferruccio Busoni
Orban Gyorgy
Ernst Toch
Stephen Sondheim
Vladimir Cosma
Sir Charles Villiers Stanford
Léo Delibes
Ignacio Cervantes
John Rutter
John Alden Carpenter
Ariel Ramirez
Alexis Emmanuel Chabrier
Carl Reinecke
Günter Raphael
Giacomo Puccini

funny pieces !


Bériot (all of his work)