48hfp 2020 Geneva credits

48hfp 2019 Geneva credits 48hfp 2019 Lausanne credits

48hfp 2018 VR credits (test only)

I tried to make this one while on an airplane... but I had some problems at the airport, which took all my time and made it impossible for me to finish. I just have this test.

48hfp 2018 Lausanne credits

animations for the United Nations- 2017-2018

Worked on some animations with Charles Brepsant for the UN envirnment branch.

Some were displayed at the one planet summit which is awesome !

KINO 2018 stuff- January 2018

Each sequence is part of a 4 days project

everything here was made within 10 days (including modeling, animating, shooting, rendering and compositing)

48hfp 2017 Genf credits

loop - decembre 2016

photographier les dessins des gens, les coller ensemble.

lines - decembre 2016

cinécivic teaser - été 2016

Had to compile an experimental branch of krita 2.9 featuring animation to make this. The final result is crap but if you really want to watch it, there it is.

inside - été 2015

Medici.tv - été 2015

mucho expressivicce, deguelis sentimetaleo™

Timelaps - Hivers 2015

5AM production.