who am I ?

I'm Laurent, a mixture of strange ideas.

I play around with math, physics,
music & computer graphics.

I did some physics @EPFL

I currently am a student @UNIGE
in math and computer science.


write some :

	- C/C++                  for realtime applications
	- python matlab octave   for math/physics demos
	- mathematica            for ℝ and ℂ analysis (and fun with audio plot)
	- js/ts/webgl            for online demos and prototyping
	- html/css/sass          doesn't count. Or does it ?
	- etc...

I develop on GNU/Linux, Debian or other distrib.

note : I like to make ascii art in my code
and to comment with symbols such as ∂ϕ²/∂t = ∫ ∇⋅G〈φ|ψ〉dṗdq (this equation is gibberish)
cuz my custom keyboard allows it!



traditionnal animation, compositing and VFX.


modeling, basic physics, basic particles setup and rendering on existing softwares.


krita, blender, cinema 4d, octane, after effects, inkscape, gimp, animate, etc...


I built a bunch of robots, make music (have some qualifications as well), and generally like to do anything.

we can meet at diverse hackathons, hacker spaces and film-making events such as Kinos and 48hfp!