animations for the United Nations- 2017-2018

Worked on some animations with Charles Brepsant for the UN envirnment branch.

Some were displayed at the one planet summit which is awesome !

KINO 2018 stuff- January 2018

Each sequence is part of a 4 days project

everything here was made within 10 days (including modeling, animating, shooting, rendering and compositing)

terminal VR - 2016

Here is the story, the goal was to :

  • render frames server side
  • view the frame on client side

But things are not that simple : there is a VR headset involved.

So we need good performance to avoid mega-Xtrem-vomit party.

The proposed solution works as this :

The client (on which the VR headset is connected) sends a projection matrix of where he would like the next frame to be rendered from.

The server makes that frame and send it ASAP over TCP to the client.

Meanwhile, a thousand frames happened !

No problemo ! Since we know the matrix used for each frame, and since we can retreive the depth map, we can reconstruct a pointcould from the rendered data and generate more frames with new angles with a decent framerate.

To test if the code was working, I first rendered the frame buffer in ASCII with colored text in the terminal. That text rendering was awesome even in the headset. The image quality was shitty, but the look was so cool !

Note : there is no RGB colors in the terminal, so I used the same trick regular screens use : I made 3 columns, one for R channel, G channel, and B channel. Then I used a gradient string and printed the appropriate color given the pixel color.

I don't have a video of the point could thing anymore but it was working great as well. It was fun to see the scene loading as you walk around in the room !

daily animation- 16 March 2016

daily animation- 15 March 2016

daily animation- 13-14 March 2016

daily animation- 12 March 2016

daily animation- 11 March 2016

loop - decembre 2016

photographier les dessins des gens au dessin academique, les coller ensemble.

linetests - decembre 2016

Chopin on steroids - octobre 2016

What a weird movement I'm doing with those hands... never noticed that before.

Warning : this video contains extra notes that were not on the score. Those are called mistakes. Thank you for your attention.

cinécivic teaser - été 2016

A short movie I had two weeks to make. It was way too short to make, the result is not good, here is the teaser.

I made the music and recorded a guitar though I don't play that instrument. A friend made the yoddeling.

The whole film was made on free software : kdenlive, audacity and the experimental branch of krita 2.9 featuring animation because krita3 had a bug.

Here is a remix of the little music I tried to make.

En considérant le peu de temps que j'avais pour faire ce film (2 semaines), sachant que j'ai fait décores, animation, couleur, musique (avec un instrument que je ne sais pas jouer), bruitages (avec la bouche), montage, histoire (malheureusement incompréhensible), pour un premier métrage animé depuis fort longtemps, ça aurait pu être bien pire. En plus de ça, j'ai utilisé 100% de programmes libres, qui sont de loin pas aussi riches que les programmes commerciaux (en plus d'être très buggé et de crasher tout le temps). Le thème était aussi vachement pourri, je l'ai fait juste pour avoir une deadline. Je vous laisse voir ça en entier seulement si vous gardez en tête les circonstances.

inside Laurent - été 2015

salade ?- été 2015

We made a salad, I just shot random things and tried to make something out of the garbage shot I had.

Medici.tv - été 2015

Y'a vraiment que des trucs nuls sur cette page...

Timelaps - Hivers 2015

5AM production.

SHS - printemps 2014

Improvisation, montage video.

Morale : Ne jamais utiliser son laptop pour enregistrer du son. Toujours prendre un vrai enregistreur.

how to seat - 2012

chemistry@epfl - 2011

robot@epfl - 2011

this was filmed on a nokia ! Welcome to the past !